ZHH advises on SDAMC’s Fuquan Center debt restructuring project

Date:2019/07/02 Views:1055

In May 2017, Sichuan Development of Asset Management Co., Ltd. proposed to provide financing for the Longquan Fuquan Center Project developed by Chengdu Fuquan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. for the purpose of debt restructuring, with a subject amount of over RMB 100 million.


As the legal service consultant of the investors, Sichuan Office of ZHH was fully involved in this project, mainly covering due diligence, issuance of opinions, document review and contract negotiation. The debt restructuring of the commercial complex project involved legal relations to be sorted out, including development and sales relations, lease relations, business management relations, financial liability relations, etc. ZHH's lawyers successfully completed this legal service work based on their solid legal foundation and serious and responsible working attitude.


This project was led by Partner WU Wei.