Technology, Telecommunications and Internet


With extensive experience in TMT, ZHH's lawyer team provides a full range of shareholding structure design, financing plan design and long-term legal advice services to a various unicorn and quasi-unicorn companies in their early days. ZHH's lawyers are very familiar with the legal requirements of startups and can provide clients with legal compliance analysis of entrepreneurial projects, professional, pragmatic and creative advice and opinions, thus providing strong legal support for the development and growth of companies.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's technology, telecommunications and internet team has an elite team of 5 partners and over 20 lawyers and has maintained good interaction and close connections with top law firms in Cayman, the US and Hong Kong. In addition to providing clients with a full range of Chinese legal services, it can also fully address clients' legal requirements for red-chip structure and overseas listing. The team has also accumulated a lot of experience in equity investment and litigation disputes and can provide professional, accurate and efficient legal services in resolving disputes between investors and fund-raisers.


Major Services

  • design of a shareholding structure
  • design of financing plans
  • VIE structure construction and No. 37 announcement document filing
  • design of stock incentive plans
  • legal compliance analysis of innovative transaction modes
  • resolution of disputes between investors and fundraisers
  • design of team building plans
  • routine legal advice services


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • Long-termlegal services to a number of famous startups

The firm's lawyers have provided long-term legal services to XGIMI, Shareholder Technology, Liweijia Technology, Baicizhan, Medlinker Technology, and ITRIP. Since its formation, the firm has provided professional services and advice to companies in shareholding structure design, financing plan design and option incentives, to startups in VIE structure construction, No. 37 document filing and overseas financing and other legal services, and to companies in VIE structure removal and compliance operations.


  • Legal services to a number of funds for investment in technology, telecommunications, and Internet

The firm's lawyers have served as long-term legal consultants of Sichuan Culture Industry Equity Investment Fund Partnership, Shenzhen Swiss China Corp. Ltd., Sichuan Jiuzi Equity Investment Fund and SDIC and provided special legal services to them for investments in projects including FanFan Comics, XGIMI, BORNS Medical Robotics, and Huotai Pharmaceuticals, including pre-investment due diligence, project argumentation and transaction structure design, as well as professional consulting and services for post-investment management, and consulting and transaction structure design at the stage of exit.