Real Estate


Construction, real estate development and infrastructure construction laws are one of ZHH's best practicing sectors. We have creatively developed multi-stage or full service modes for clients by drawing on the successful experience in legal services of the US, HK and other counterparts and allowing for domestic legal practices.

We provide services to developers, investors, surveyors, architects, and have gradually established legal service modes at different stages such as land development, project management, rental and sales of houses, and property management, so as to ensure the completion, rental and sales of this project with professional services and prevent and avoid disputes and losses. We also extend legal services to infrastructure and utilities, in the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, rail transit, airports, stations, gas stations, waterworks, and communication facilities, providing a full range of legal services to the government, public institutions, private companies and foreign companies. We have deep participation in BOT/PFI/PPP-based construction projects and work closely with the government's platform companies, trust companies, banks, funds and other financial institutions. Meanwhile, we have also made some extraordinary achievements in urban redevelopment and relocation, requisition of rural land and land transfer, infrastructure construction and management in industrial parks, which is well acclaimed by the government.


Lawyer Team

Faced with fierce market competition, we have an elite team of 10 partners and over 30 lawyers and paralegals in China. We have established complete specialization and division of work, text guidance and risk control systems together with colleagues in Hong Kong and New York. We regard legal talents who are familiar with real estate development, construction projects and infrastructure construction as a reliable guarantee for development and keep introducing new members, to maintain a young, energetic and positive team. In addition to our expertise in real estate, construction and infrastructure laws, regulations and practices, we are also well versed in business rules, value the commercial purpose and requirements of clients, and seek the best interests of clients with good professional conduct.

At any time, we could arrange different lawyers in various practice fields to provide legal service to our clients. Our colleagues with expertise in M&A, finance, corporate and other sectors will coordinate and assist clients to provide comprehensive professional resources to support each other and meet the cross-field legal requirements of clients. This successful service approach stems from a good tradition of close collaboration between lawyers in all departments, enabling us to effectively and fully adapt to any complex and diverse requirements of clients.


Major Services

Real estate development

  • establishment of a project company
  • cooperative real estate development
  • acquisition and transfer of land use rights
  • real estate mortgage
  • pre-sales (sales) of commercial houses
  • witness of (pre-) rented and sold commercial houses
  • preliminary property services
  • merger, separation and liquidation of a real estate company


Real estate M&A

  • real estate M&A's transaction structure and process
  • legal due diligence
  • M&A negotiation and preparation of trading-based legal documents
  • witness of the drawing of the transaction price
  • supervision of the performance of the M&A transaction contract


Real estate financing

  • bank financing
  • trust financing
  • private placement
  • bond financing
  • asset securitization


Property operation

  • commercial complex operation
  • property leasing


Project construction

  • project design and surveying
  • construction project bidding
  • project claims and counterclaims, project insurance, project acceptance and warranty
  • project settlement


Infrastructure construction

  • construction and operation of water supply, power supply, gas supply, sewage treatment and other municipal public utilities
  • construction and operation of airports, railways, bridges, rail transits, tunnels, ports and other transportation projects
  • comprehensive water environment treatment, waste treatment and incineration power generation, carbon emissions trading and other environmental projects


Dispute resolution

  • representation in real estate case arbitration
  • representation in real estate case litigation


Latest Typical Litigation Cases

  • construction project contract dispute between Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Hebei Construction Group Installation Engineering Co., Ltd., Chongqing Cloud Computing Investment and Operation Co., Ltd.
  • over RMB 600 million construction project contract dispute between Chongqing Yipin Construction Group and Sichuan Jiayu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • RMB 160 million relocation compensation dispute between Chongqing Synthetic Chemical Plant and Chongqing Huayu Group
  • over RMB 100 million transfer contract dispute between Guangzhou R&F Properties Co., Ltd. and Ocean Park Real Estate Project
  • Time Square trademark infringement dispute between Xiexin Real Estate and Longqing Property Management Co., Ltd.
  • land acquisition compensation dispute between Chongqing Shipping Construction Development Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Tongliang District People's Government


Latest Non-Litigation Projects/Cases

  • full supervision-related special legal services for RMB 600 million involved in Rongan Group Binjiang No. 1 project
  • full legal services to Chongqing Wanlingshan Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd. for its over RMB 350 million acquisition of Torking Royal Hotel
  • special compliance review-related legal services to Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Investment Group for its over RMB 10 billion infrastructure investment
  • full legal services to CCTEB Western Investment Co., Ltd. for its acquisition of some shares of Chongqing Jinke Zhaoji Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • full legal services to Hong Kong’s China Resources Parking Co., Ltd. for its investment in Chongqing Financial Street's Shopping Mall
  • full legal services to Chongqing Sincere Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. for the introduction of Hong Kong's HarvestFund into its Sincere Landmark Mall
  • full legal services to Dazhou CREC Ruicheng Real Estate Co., Ltd., Chengdu CREC Baden-Baden Hot Spring Investment Development Co., Ltd.for the acquisition of a project of Sichuan Jinqi Sports Club Co., Ltd. for some RMB 150 million shares
  • full legal services for RMB 10 billion Hualongqiao redevelopment project under the cooperation between Hong Kong Shui On and Chongqing Municipal People's Government
  • full legal services for Shanghai Minhang SKYMALL project development and operation, construction, investment promotion and property management
  • full legal services to China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group for its over 1 billion transfer of a real estate project in Wenchang, Hainan
  • full special legal services to Sichuan Urban & Rural Investment and Construction Group for its investment of someRMB 250 million in“Danan Chengnan Area, Mount Emei” redevelopment project
  • special legal services to the Taiyuan-Zhongwei-YinchuanRailway Project
  • special legal services to the Zhenning-Shengjingguan Expressway Project


Latest Typical PPP Projects/Cases

  • RMB 5 billion PPP-based redevelopment and infrastructure construction project in Yibin Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone
  • some RMB 3 billion government-financed toll road project as part of the Rongchang-Luzhou section Expressway
  • RMB 5 billion PPP-based new urbanization project located at Sanxing, Tianfu Shuicheng New Area, Chengdu (including a theme park)
  • RMB 2 billion PPP-based project involved in Lijiang Creative Culture Industrial Park
  • RMB 6.8 billion BOT-based project involved in Guang'an Transit Expressway East Ring Line and Chongqing-Guang'an Expressway Branch
  • RMB 500 million PPP-based project involved in Longtan River Binjiang Road and river management project, PingchangCounty
  • RMB 9 billion BOT-based project involved in the Xuyong-Weixin Expressway
  • RMB 200 million BOT-based project involved Chongzhou Service Area of the Chengmin Expressway
  • RMB 300 million BOT-based project in the Ma Xiaoxi Bridge, Langzhong
  • RMB 5.6 billion BOT-based project involved in the Yulin-Shenmu Expressway
  • RMB 40.6 billion PPP-based project involved in the passenger line of the Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Railway
  • RMB 82.6 billion BOT-based project involved in the Yanjiang Expressway, Sichuan
  • RMB 7 billion PPP-based project involved in Hongyan Village Bridge and Tunnel, Chongqing
  • RMB 5 billion PPP-based project involved in Zengjiayan Bridge, Chongqing
  • RMB 3 billion PPP-based project involved in the East and West trunk roads, Xiema Tunnel, Chongqing