Privacy Protection/Cyber Security and Information Law


With the rapid development of modern Internet and mobile technologies, information, data, and cyber security have become one of the core sectors. ZHH is aware that information and network compliance has gradually become a concern for domestic and foreign clients operating in China, and also for Chinese companies expanding overseas. Therefore, with more focus on the follow-up of up-to-date technologies and legal issues involved in new technologies, ZHH provides clients with diverse compliance advice on privacy, information protection and cyber security. From traditional industries including manufacturing, medical care, FMCG, education, aviation and automobile to new industries including E-commerce, advertising, media, entertainment, big data and cloud computing, credit reporting and Internet finance, ZHH strives to provide clients with practical advice in the current legal environment.


Lawyer Team

ZHH has a dedicated team that has been following and researching privacy, cyber security and data protection and providing advice on this aspect. In addition to focusing on China's latest developments, they also look from global perspectives, and always follow the latest developments and practices in various jurisdictions. Personal information issue rarely exists alone. It is often closely linked to labor, corporate, intellectual property, litigation, and other issues. Based on its expertise in these aspects, ZHH can know about the concerns and requirements of clients, provide clear, accurate, and actionable advice on relatively ambiguous provisions within a specified time period, and ensure with its innovative thinking that ZHH will provide value-added services to clients. By paying close attention to legislative development, ZHH can always learn the direction of legislation and its impact on business.


Major Services

  • compliance advice

ZHH proposes compliance advice on steps and strategies for personal information protection and cyber security involved in different industries and different fields and sectors and assists clients in developing compliance plans.

  • policy making

ZHH assists clients in developing various systems for compliance arrangements, conducting compliance evaluation, and providing related training depending on their actual conditions.

  • business arrangements

ZHH assists clients in assessing the risks and arrangements involved in information protection and data security in various types of business cooperation and achieving risk control through collaborative structural design and contractual arrangements.

  • employee data

For different purposes, such as employee management and surveying, ZHH proposes advice on the collection, processing and transfer of employee information, and formulates related policies.

  • data security

ZHH provides legal advice on appropriate remedies, notification and reporting to be provided in the case of information disclosure, and assists in emergency response.


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • compliance advice on the latest Cyber Security Law to companies in various industries
  • advice on marketing, advertising, IT projects, cloud services, and IoT, companies in various industries
  • assistance to companies in developing privacy policies, employee policies, and internal compliance policies, etc.
  • drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various data-related agreements and documents for companies
  • legal evaluationand improvement advice to companies on data collection and processing