Corporate Compliance


ZHH Law Firm is a leading law firm providing corporate compliance and legal risk management services. Having received systematic training on corporate compliance, ZHH's lawyer team in this sector is very familiar with various corporate compliance management instruments and skills. Meanwhile, having long tracked and researched legal risks of their respective industries, it can effectively integrate legal knowledge, corporate taxation knowledge and management knowledge. ZHH Law Firm provides corporate compliance services with the ultimate goal to help clients improve management efficiency, reduce costs, effectively control legal risks, and support their stable and healthy development.


Lawyer Team

ZHH has over 60 partners and over 250 practicing lawyers and professionals. A great number of them have academic backgrounds in business management, taxation, intellectual property, financial securities, etc., or have relevant qualification certificates. Diversified knowledge, teamed service models and rich experience in legal services, including litigation, arbitration, long-term legal consulting and non-litigation representation, enable ZHH's lawyers to provide clients with better and more comprehensive legal compliance services.


Major Services

As the long-term legal consultant or special legal consultant of clients, we can provide clients with legal services including but not limited to the following:

  • giving compliance training to their management and employees
  • reviewing various contracts and agreements signed during their operations
  • substantially determining the requirements for risk analysis and compliance measures
  • establishing and improving the code of conduct and related measures
  • establishing and improving the management's internal supervision and control mechanisms and workflows
  • developing the code of conduct, response measures, and employee trainingand education
  • criminal compliance-related legal services
  • compliance-related legal services for domestic and foreign investments
  • conducting internal investigation, government investigation and crisis control
  • supervising board and management compliance and business ethics behaviors
  • legal compliance with taxation and environment


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • Internet supervision-related legal services to the online intermediary service provider of a world-class home appliance company

In this project, ZHH's lawyers fully learned current applicable supervision laws and regulations as per the client's business scope, conducted a compliance analysis of its E-commerce service mode based on the experience of similar service companies together with its commercial purpose, helped it with some adjustments, as required by competent departments for compliance, thus providing important legal service support for the company's further development.


  • Compliance-related legal services to a largely state-owned company

In this project, such a large state-owned company is a key company in Chongqing that has an important position in the industry. ZHH's lawyers conducted compliance-related legal training to its management and all employees in stages from information security, intellectual property, financial compliance and overseas operations, and provided compliance expert advice on major legal affairs and emergency investigations. ZHH's lawyers were well received by the client for professionalism through the said legal services.


  • Legal servicesfor criminal compliance to a large private company in Chongqing

ZHH's lawyers provided special criminal legal compliance services to a large private company by following the requirements of modern companies of criminal compliance, regularly conducting a criminal law risk evaluation and giving criminal legal risk training lectures, in a way to effectively improve the awareness of criminal law risk control in its business operations. The company therefore increased pre-event training in preventing criminal legal risks, and established a long-term mechanism for criminal crisis and legal relief, providing effective legal and corporate system guarantee for its sustainable development.