WTO/International Trade


ZHH has extensive practical experience in legal services for international trade/WTO. In international trade and relevant sectors, ZHH provides clients with long-term legal consultant services and special services in international trade, technical barriers, customs, maritime, transportation and transportation insurance, ship practices, and aircraft practices, etc. ZHH maintains smooth communication with the Chinese government and trade-related competent departments, and can promptly provide feedback to clients on the latest trade-related legal regulations and policy dynamics. In the event of trade-related disputes, ZHH can provide clients with dispute resolution solutions timely, to the maximum extent to maintain the interests of clients, prevent losses from expanding, and facilitate disputes to be resolved satisfactorily. In the WTO system, ZHH can provide professional legal services to Chinese and foreign companies and governments in trade remedies, anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures. ZHH has the capacity and experience to file or respond to trade dispute cases in the WTO system on behalf of clients based on its years' accumulated experience and familiarity with national trade supervision and relief law systems and procedures in various countries and investigation procedures for anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures in major WTO countries.


Lawyer Team

All of ZHH's lawyers that mainly specialize in international trade/WTO are partners from the International Department or senior consultants with at least 10 years' work experience in this sector. They are not only familiar with the trade-related legal rules and financial accounting systems of major international organizations, trading nations, but also set up a standardized legal knowledge system through the long-term communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign competent authorities, cooperative agencies and lawyers. With the above-mentioned expertise and experience, ZHH lawyers provide efficiently and professional litigations and non-litigations legal service to clients in the WTO system, which protects clients’ international trade-related business interest and is well received by clients.


Major Services

  • assistance in investigation procedures for anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures to domestic and foreign clients
  • guidance and consulting on trade remedy rules
  • guidance and consulting on WTO-related rules
  • dispute resolution in the WTO system
  • full international goodstrade-related legal services and dispute resolution
  • full international service trade-related legal services and dispute resolution
  • guidance and consulting on customs, commodity inspection and quarantine
  • TBT-related legal services
  • other international trade-related fields


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

International aircraft practices

  • ZHH provided full legal services to Chongqing Airlines for 7 A320NEO aircraft leased from BOC Aviation
  • ZHH prepared a list of materials to be prepared for an aviation manufacturing company to be established by a large Swiss aircraft company and a Chinese company and provided an analysis of the legal feasibility of the Swiss company's intention to own a majority stake in the joint venture


International trade dispute resolution

  • Representation in a case of international trade dispute arbitration between Chongqing Kangmeng Trade Co., Ltd. and Swiss W. Hempel Intermetaux S.A. at SHIAC
  • Full legal services for international trade disputes between a Korean electronic product manufacturer and a Zhengzhoucompany
  • Representation of a Sichuan company in a technology service contract dispute case for its project in India


Other international trade-related fields

  • Review and revision of legal affairs related to the exclusive distribution contract for a Chongqing import and export trade company that intended to obtain the exclusive distribution of a Korean coffee brand in China
  • Full legal services to a Chongqing international trade company including signing the sales contract with a HK international trade company and providing contract review, etc.