Criminal Defense & Agency


ZHH has rich experience in criminal legal services. It has provided criminal defense for leading cadres of government institutions, state-owned enterprise executives and celebrated private entrepreneurs, etc. and support for compliance and anti-corruption system construction to lots of state-owned enterprises, large private enterprises, and financial institutions. ZHH is practicing the path of specialized criminal legal services, striving to build a professional team of high-quality criminal legal services, and focusing on duty crimes and major economic crimes. With persistent efforts, ZHH's branding and professionalism have achieved fruitful results. An advanced management system, professional teamwork and reasonable resource sharing lay a good foundation for controlling the quality of services.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's criminal legal service team consists of many expert lawyers with deep professional knowledge. Some lawyers have worked in the government, public security, procuratorate, and courts. There are even Best Defense Lawyers in Chongqing, whose cases are more than once considered Typical Criminal Defense Cases. They specialize in a court appearance and legal analysis of major cases, have in-depth research and high attainments in duty crime and major economic crime defenses and criminal legal risk management, and enjoy industry-wide popularity and good reputation. They provide clients with high-level, full criminal legal services by adhering to the service concept of integrity, professionalism and preciseness. They have good insight into future opportunities and potential risks, assist clients in establishing comprehensive prevention and monitoring measures, fully screen and evaluate criminal risks, and propose specific solutions with precautions against risks. They can also resolve criminal risks in comprehensive, multi-dimensional legal skills and maximize the benefits of clients. In a summary of their long-term service experience, they have recovered huge economic losses for many clients, avoided various clients from criminal prosecution, and provided necessary support for companies and enterprises to succeed.


Major Services

  • Criminal defense

According to related laws and regulations, meeting with criminal suspects and defendants in custody, providing legal consulting; requesting to change or release criminal coercive measures on behalf of clients to help them release; referring to and copying all case materials; investigating and collecting evidence, or requesting public security, people's courts or people's procuratorates for evidence collection; providing best defense solutions for clients with respect to crime or non-crime and misdemeanor or felony at investigation, review, prosecution and trial; appearing in civil actions collateral to criminal proceedings and facilitating criminal reconciliation on behalf of clients, assisting clients in obtaining favourable judgments; appealing or file motion to reopen/reconsider on behalf of clients, so as to help them correct wrong judgments or rulings; participating in death sentence review and proposing not to approve death sentence.


  • Criminal agency

According to related laws and regulations, providing clients with legal consulting; investigating, collecting evidence, gathering and reorganizing supporting materials; formulating best rights protection plans for clients; assisting clients to file accusations, communicating with case handling departments and providing legal opinions, promoting case filing, and fully participating in criminal proceedings; assisting clients in appearing in civil actions collateral to criminal proceedings and related civil and administrative litigations; attending criminal mediation and reconciliation on behalf of clients, to maximize the legal rights of clients; filing an application for appealing or motion for reopen/reconsider on behalf of clients, to help them correct wrong judgments or rulings.


  • Criminal compliance-related legal services

Providing written or oral consulting opinions on special matters; collecting, organizing, providing legal information, materials, cases and other information as required by clients; reviewing related contracts and documents, identifying risks for management projects or behaviors, providing the criminal legal risk evaluation report, formulating prevention and treatment plans for eliminating risks; designing criminal risk prevention mechanisms based on the characteristics of criminal legal risks that may occur in different companies or enterprises; providing risk treatment plans for criminal legal risks that have occurred, including full incident tracking, investigating and collecting evidence, organizing and analyzing evidence and materials, reporting crimes, filing criminal private prosecution or otherwise seeking judicial assistance on behalf of clients.


  • Criminal legaltraining

Providing professional criminal legal training to companies, enterprises’ executives or employees in legal, financial, HR, sales and other departments to avoid possible criminal legal risks.


  • Outsourcing of criminal legal affairs

Providing a full range of criminal legal outsourcing services as required for companies or enterprises, and taking a full charge of legal affairs on behalf of their legal departments.


Typical Cases

  • 1st gang crackdown case in Chongqing, where the first defendant Gong Gangmuwas accused of having organized and led an underworld organization and intentional homicide
  • bribery case against a former communist party committee member and former director of the Political Department of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau
  • bribery case against a department-level cadre in Chongqing, who appealed and was acquitted after theretrial
  • 1st suspected criminal case against a lawyer in Chongqing, who was finally acquitted
  • the case against a deputy director of some department of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee who was accused of having taken bribes, covered up and concealed crime-derived proceeds or returns from crime-derived proceeds
  • the case against a deputy director of the public security bureau of some districtof Chongqing, who was accused of having harbored and condoned underworld organizations and taken bribes
  • bribery case against political commissar of the public security bureau of some districtof Chongqing
  • bribery case against the director of the judicial bureau of some district of Chongqing
  • bribery case against PetroChina Chongqing Sales Company
  • the case against a famousentrepreneur in Chongqing, who was accused of illegal pooling of several hundred million public deposits
  • the case against an energy company in Chongqing, which was accused of having issued false VAT invoices for over RMB 2 billion