Energy &Resources


With the rapid growth in domestic and international investments in mineral resources, ZHH's lawyers have been dealing with increasing cases in minerals and natural resources exploration, mining and cooperative development recently. They have participated in many mineral and natural resource development projects in provinces like Sichuan and Yunnan, etc. covering oil, coalbed methane, oil shale, gold, diamonds, coal, copper, dolomite, lithium, molybdenum, and rare earth and can provide domestic and foreign clients with high-quality professional legal services. ZHH specializes in China's domestic and outward resources and energy transactions, with a focus on the development, M&A, investment and financing of power, oil and natural gas projects, and can provide domestic and foreign clients with a full range of legal services including due diligence on domestic and foreign projects, acquisition, development and construction of exploration rights, mining rights and operating concessions, and project M&A, listing and investment and financing, etc.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's energy and mineral resources lawyers have strong professional background in hydropower, wind power, new energy, forestry, oil, natural gas, and metal ore. Its performance covers due diligence and M&A of overseas energy projects, foreign direct investments and Energy PPP projects. Our professional lawyers can provide clients with a full range of legal services in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the energy value chain based on their familiarity of the value demands for resources and energy exploration, mining, pipeline transportation, smelting and processing, etc. and their expertise in corporate, financing and construction.


Major Services

  • long-term legal consultant of the energy and mineral resources companies
  • due diligence and M&A of overseas energy and mineral resources projects
  • energy and mineral resources PPP projects
  • resolution of energy and mineral resources disputes
  • energy and utilities
  • long-term legal consultant of competent administrative authorities for energy resources
  • establishment of sino-foreign cooperative or joint venture energy companies
  • PE and public financing by energy companies


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

Due diligence and financing by Guangan Keta Metal Co., Ltd.