ZHH has long provided professional patents-related legal services to various domestic and foreign clients, especially technology, internet and automobile clients, to assist them maximize their business values. With the continuous strengthening and deepening of patent protection in China, ZHH's patent sector is also constantly improving. ZHH's patent team provides high-quality professional services to many domestic and foreign companies and high-tech companies, and also works together with ZHH's other teams such as investment and M&A, capital markets and dispute resolution to provide strong and comprehensive support.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's Intellectual Property Center has a number of intellectual property lawyers and patent attorneys, etc. Many of them have studied in the US, the UK and Japan and worked or interned in large law firms on intellectual property in Europe and America. They can provide customized, systematic legal service plans based on professional considerations to different domestic and foreign clients in line with their requirements for patents-related special legal services, in a way to ensure the quality of patents-related legal services. With broad international prospectives, familiar with international practices and Chinese and foreign cultures and ways of thinking, and experienced in patents-related global commercial practices, they can provide clients with comprehensive, efficient and professional legal services in Chinese, English, German, and Japanese proficiently.


Major Services

ZHH can provide clients with a comprehensive range of patents-related legal services, including the following:

  • patent application

including applications for invention patents, utility model patents and design patents.


  • overseas patent application

ZHH works with world-class law firms to provide professional services for clients to apply for overseas patents.


  • patent dispute resolution

ZHH represents clients to conduct patent infringement lawsuits in China's courts, assists clients in achieving patent rights, exercising patent rights, and suppressing patent infringements. On the other hand, ZHH also represents clients to conduct non-infringement defense in patent litigations, so as to defend for clients. Meanwhile, ZHH also has extensive experience in invalid patent procedures and administrative patent procedures, etc.


  • patent rights transactions

ZHH's patent team deals with various contractual issues related to patents for clients, including technology transfer, collaboration, development and licensing. ZHH works closely with other commercial legal teams to provide strong legal support for patents in patents related to M&A, listing and financing, reorganization and bankruptcy, and dispute resolution.


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • Legal services to Pepsi for patent rights dispute

In the technical secret infringement dispute between Pepsi and Tianfu Cola, ZHH submitted a large amount of evidence to the court to prove that it was not an illegal act for Chongqing Pepsi to own and use Tianfu Cola's various formulas and related technologies and improve them, and instead it was based on government approval, and the joint venture contract and articles of association signed by Tianfu Cola. The court accepted our claims, holding that Chongqing Pepsi used Tianfu Cola's formulas and related technologies legally, not an infringement.

  • ZHH issued legal opinionson patent contribution, patent transfer and licensing involved in the establishment of a joint venture by Sokon Group and an Italian company
  • ZHH conducted patent risk evaluationas to whether D latch developed by Chang'an Ford Automobile Co., Ltd. had infringed a third party invention patent
  • ZHH represented in the patent right infringement case between the West China College of Medicine and faculty and staff
  • ZHH issued legal opinionsto Chongqing Medical University for its non-patent technology contribution to the affiliated People's Hospital
  • ZHH represented in the patent infringement dispute case between Chongqing Dachuan Metal Products Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Mexin Messon Doors Industry Co., Ltd.
  • ZHH represented in the patent infringement dispute case between Loncin Group, Ltd. and Chongqing Huawei Industrial (group) Co., Ltd.
  • ZHH represented in the patent transfer dispute between Chongqing Yinghua Zhongda Information Network Co., Ltd. and Chongqing International Enterprise Investment Co., Ltd.
  • ZHH represented in the patent infringement dispute between Chongqing Hua Ceramics Co., Ltd. and Guanfu Holdings CO., Ltd., Quanzhou, Fujian.
  • ZHH represented in the patent infringement dispute between Chongqing Zongshen Group and Rijieli