ZHH's Intellectual Property Center covers a number of sectors including trademarks, copyrights, patents, cyber security and anti-unfair competition. Among them, trademarks-related legal services are an important part of ZHH's intellectual property sector. From assisting domestic and foreign clients to create trademark rights to exercising and protecting trademark rights, ZHH can provide strong support for domestic and foreign clients to maximize their brand values with one-stop, professional trademarks-related legal services. On ZHH's comprehensive commercial law service platform, ZHH's trademarks team provides effective support for trademarks and related legal issues encountered in other ZHH's team sectors in addition to providing high-quality trademarks and related professional services to numerous domestic and foreign companies.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's Intellectual Property Center has a number of IPR lawyers and trademark attorneys, etc. Many of them have studied in the US, the UK and Japan, and interned or worked in large law firms in Europe and America. They can provide customized, systematic plans based on professional considerations to different domestic and foreign clients in line with their requirements for trademarks-related special legal services, in a way to ensure the quality of trademarks-related legal services. With broad international prospectives, familiar with international practices and Chinese and foreign cultures and ways of thinking, and experienced in trademarks-related global commercial practices, they can provide clients with comprehensive, efficient and professional legal services in Chinese, English, German, and Japanese proficiently.


Major Services

ZHH's trademarks, trademark rights confirmation and protection-centered, cover unfair competition, copyrights, domain names and other intellectual property-related legal affairs, serving clients throughout the Internet, auto, catering, cosmetics, entertainment, education, medical, real estate and other industries.

  • Domestic confirmation and protection of trademark rights

to provide domestic and foreign clients with trademark registration services in China, deal with trademark inquiries, various applications, review, objection, cancellation and invalidation as well as various related confirmed administrative litigation cases in the China Trademark Office, the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board and courts at different levels.


  • Overseas confirmation and protection of trademark rights

to represent domestic clients to provide overseas trademark inquiries, registration, monitoring and other services and help domestic and foreign clients deal with various overseas trademark rights-related disputes through the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks or by coordinating with overseas cooperative law firms.


  • Civil litigationsand trademarks-related legal services

to represent domestic and foreign clients to deal with trademark infringement litigations and anti-unfair competition litigations, trademark customs protection and other related types of intellectual property protection cases.


  • Trademark consultancy

to assist companies in formulating brand strategies, drafting trademark management systems, and conducting trademark risk evaluation and due diligence, etc.


  • Trademark training and research

to provide trademark and related intellectual property training and research services for various trademark applications, management and protection, as required by different clients.


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • Legal services to Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. for company name and trademark infringement disputes

ZHH represented Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. to deal with more than 30 company name and trademark infringement cases in southwest China, including issuing lawyer's letters to all infringing companies, complaining to local industrial and commercial bureaus, and negotiating with infringing companies, etc.


  • Legal services to COFCO for trademark infringement disputes

ZHH represented COFCO to protect against infringements of its trademarks “COFCO” and “Great Wall” in southwest China, caused the infringer to stop infringement and take liability for compensation by means of pre-notarization of fixed evidence, pre-action reconciliation, litigation, enforcement and other means, and provided legal support for COFCO's market clearing in southwest China.


  • Legal services to Sokon Group for trademark infringement disputes

ZHH provided special legal services for administrative confirmation of trademark rights and infringement disputes between Sokon Group and Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd., including assisting Sokon in analyzing case materials, negotiating with the Chengdu Bus, formulating the case handling strategy, and assisting in proposing intended defense, etc.


Other Trademark Projects/Cases

  • Chinese trademark registration, renewal and change services to Chongqing New Qinyuan Bakery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary ofSwire Foods,
  • Chinese trademark transfer for Chang'anFord Automobile Co., Ltd.
  • trademark and company name infringement disputes between Osaka Seimitsu Kikai Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Totsuse Trading Co., Ltd.
  • trademark infringement dispute between Asia Commercial Holdings Limited and Chongqing TIME CITY
  • trademark infringement dispute between Loncin Group, Ltd. and Chongqing Huayang Engine Co., Ltd.
  • trademark infringement dispute between Chongqing Baishiyi Salted Duck Food Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Lingfeng Food Co., Ltd.
  • request of Chongqing Cygnet Food Culture (Group) Co., Ltd. for cancellation of trademark Cygnet from Sichuan Cygnet Food Culture Co., Ltd.
  • well-known trademark dispute between Chongqing Zongshen Group and Chongqing Wangshi Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • trademark infringement dispute between Chongqing Tongchuang Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Jiaheng Industry