The U.S. Practice


Since our firm founded, ZHH has endeavored to become an international law firm. After more than 20 years' development, ZHH has set up a branch office in New York. As a member of LAWorld, ZHH maintains close cooperation with large law firms located in the U.S., such as Latham Watkins LLP, Orrick, Dorsey, Nexsen Pruet PLLC, and close connections with top banks, accounting firms, real estate brokers and investors and other intermediaries. Based on its wide network of cooperation and resources, it can provide one-stop legal services to clients with demands for investment, trade and immigration in the U.S.


Lawyer Team

ZHH has an elite team of lawyers with the U.S. JDs who admitted to Bar and practice law in the states of New York, New Jersey, California and China. ZHH's U.S. legal team has many years' working experience in the U.S. and China. After years' Sino-US legal practices, the team can provide professional legal services to individuals, companies and governments in China or abroad. As it is well informed of the differences in culture, law and system between the two countries, the team can propose optimal legal services according to the conditions of clients.


Major Services

  • to assist clients in dealing with the U.S.-related litigations and disputes
  • to help domestic clients set up companies, open bank accounts and apply for licenses inthe U.S.
  • to assist clients in legal due diligence on the U.S. target companies
  • to assist clients in acquiring the stocks, shares or fund shares of U.S.-listed and non-listed companies
  • to work with U.S. securities lawyers to assist domestic companies in listing in the U.S.
  • to assist domestic companies that intend to be listed in China and issue legal opinions on their U.S. subsidiaries
  • to assist clients in evaluating and purchasing the U.S. assets such as housing property and assist them in real estate development
  • to assist clients to asset securitization for their U.S. real estate projects
  • to assist in drafting, revising and reviewing transaction documents
  • to assist in mandatory pre-procedures such as overseas antitrust review and national security review for their projects
  • to provide domestic companies with the U.S.-related legal consulting on investment and M&A
  • to assist clients in developing a plan for immigration to the U.S. and applying for immigration status
  • to assist clients in setting up U.S. Trusts and designing an optimization plan for wealth inheritance


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • Legal services to a leading domestic listed company for its acquisition of a real estate project in Manhattan

This project was completed in 2017, with a target amount of nearly USD 100 million (equal to approximately RMB 680 million). In this project, ZHH's Shanghai, Chongqing, New York and Hong Kong Offices worked closely together to provide the client with full legal services. The services included but not limited to conducting legal due diligence on the target real estate property, designing the transaction structure, establishing the offshore company structure, drafting and approving transaction documents, dealing with commercial negotiations, filing with the domestic supervision authority, building a channel for funds exit, closing, deed recording and conducting post-event legal compliance management. ZHH's international team was fully recognized by the client for its excellent domestic and foreign legal service and resource reorganization capacity.


  • Legal services to a Guangdong trade company for product quality disputes

A Guangdong trade company sold products to the U.S. and was sued in the state of Tennessee for possible product quality problems. In this case, ZHH's New York team conducted a case analysis with local lawyers and negotiated with the plaintiff's lawyers on jurisdiction, application law, cross-border evidence collection and cross-border execution. This case was finally settled at an amount equal to 1% of the plaintiff's claims. ZHH lawyers take advantage of different legal systems and cooperate with local counsel, which finally minimizes losses to the client and greatly protects its interests.


  • Legal services to a Chinese company for its acquisition of NASDAQ shares

In this project, ZHH provided the client with services including but not limited to conducting legal due diligence on the target listed company, designing the overseas transaction structure for this project, reviewing and revising the share purchase agreement and the guarantee agreement, disclosing certain facts and transaction arrangements to the public as required by the SEC, U.S. securities laws, regulations and the exchange rules, in a way to effectively secure the client's transaction.


  • Due diligence to a U.S. company that intended to invest in a government funded project in China

In this project, in order to fully learn the investor's legal authenticity, a regional government appointed ZHH's U.S. legal team to conduct legal due diligence on the U.S. company that intended to invest in the regional government's project. ZHH's U.S. legal team reviewed the target company's files, annual reports and tax status, and involvement in lawsuits from the state government and legal database. It also worked with ZHH's Hong Kong team to review the legal compliance of the structure in which the U.S. company invested in a Hong Kong company and the Hong Kong company then invested in mainland China.