Environmental legal affairs are ZHH's featured legal services. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, great changes have occurred to environmental protection. As environmental protection accountability becomes normal, the current corporate environmental management model has been changed accordingly. As a responsible entity for environmental protection, how to define the legal boundaries and operate by law has become a problem faced by all companies. ZHH's lawyers have long worked on a full range of environment-related non-litigation legal affairs for environment project investment and financing, construction and operation, M&A, and listing, with the capacity and experience to deal with administrative cases, environmental public interest litigations and other environmental disputes.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's environment and resources lawyers have strong professional backgrounds and rich experience in various environmental projects such as sewage and river treatment, water diversion and town lake integration, and can provide full legal services in administrative environment licensing, compliance review, and due diligence. Some serve as the long-term legal consultants of environmental protection companies and can provide companies with package solutions based on their experience in dealing with environmental shutdown, plant relocation, and environmental protection M&As.


Major Services

  • full legal services for environment and resources PPP projects
  • health, safety, environmental protection review and compliance consulting(HSE)
  • environmental civil litigation
  • hearing, reconsideration and litigation of environmental administrative cases
  • long-term legal consultant and special legal consultant of environmental law enforcement agencies and large companies
  • environment & resources assets restructuring and M&A
  • green finance
  • emissions trading
  • environment dispatch resolution and environmental emergency handling


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

due diligence and transaction structure design for Sichuan Investment Group in its acquisition of overseas water environment group