ZHH's insurance team consists of a number of senior lawyers who are familiar with insurance laws and regulations, compliance and internal control, and insurance supervision administration, have expertise on various life insurance, property insurance and reinsurance products. Our lawyers closely follow industry characteristics and trends, participate in legal services for insurance fund application, insurance brokerage, and represent in sub-sectors including but not limited to claims, recovery, insurance contract disputes, etc. For many years, it has been working to provide professional and high-quality legal services to Chinese and foreign insurers, insurance intermediaries, insurance brokers and insurance consumers. The team can provide clients with accurate legal advice and solutions based on its familiarity with insurance laws and an in-depth understanding of related sectors and operating modes of various insurers. It has become your trustworthy legal service team.


Our major clients include well-known domestic and foreign insurers, such as PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited (PICC P&C), Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company of China, Ltd. (Ping An P&C), Ping An Life Insurance Company of China, Ltd., China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd. (CPIC), Zheshang Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd., ZhongAn Online P & C Insurance Co., Ltd., XL Insurance (China) Company Limited, Guoren Property and Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd., Samsung Property & Casualty Insurance Company (China), Ltd., Tianan Property Insurance Co., Ltd., Insurance Co., Ltd., China Life Insurance Chengdu Institute.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's insurance team, made up of 6 partners and 20 lawyers with rich practice experience, has long focused on insurance-based legal services. All of the team's lawyers graduated from prestigious law schools in China and abroad. Some lawyers have worked in industry-leading insurers. Lawyers in charge of insurance capital markets are experienced in capital markets, familiar with the insurance industry, and proficient in compliance and supervision. Lawyers in charge of defense, recovery, subrogation, and insurance contract litigations have many years' practice experience and have dealt with over a thousand cases.


Major Services

  • assistancein the formation or acquisition of insurers, insurance agencies, insurance brokers, insurance assessors
  • advice for preparing a startup of insurers, agencies and brokers
  • legal servicesfor life insurance, property insurance, reinsurance
  • legal argumentation and review in the design of insurance products and terms
  • legal investigation and risk evaluationbefore underwriting and legal risk control during an insurance
  • legal support under insurer compliance and internal control and insurance supervision administration
  • insurance fund application compliance review and special legal services
  • insurance claim litigation, insurance contract litigation, subrogation, recovery and enforcement
  • reinsurance dispute resolution
  • legal training for insurance practitioners


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • Long-term legal services to PICC P&C Shanghai Branch, CPIC Shanghai Branch, ZhongAn Online P & C Insurance Co., Ltd., Insurance Co.,Ltd., and China Life Insurance Chengdu Institute.
  • Representationin the motor vehicle traffic accident liability dispute between CPIC Shanghai Branch and Yao Fengmou, Yao Hongmou, Ping An P&C Shanghai Branch

The team presumed that the motor vehicle met at the accident site with high beams on based on the use of the rules of evidence, and succeeded in reducing full liability to equal liability, in a move to minimize considerable losses.

  • Representation in the property insurance contract dispute between CPIC Shanghai Branch and Sun

The trial court held that as death caused by driving (drag racing) was not an intentional offense, the insurer had no right to reject claims. The appellate court held that drag racing was a deliberate act that had resulted in such insurance accident, and indemnity was not in line with the principle of public order and morals, so the insurer was entitled to dismiss the claims; it therefore made the final judgment to overturn the trial court’s judgment, dismissed all of the plaintiff's claims and hold the opposing party fully liable.

  • Representation in the subrogation dispute case PICC P&C Shanghai Branch v. a warehousing company insurer

The court did not adopt the storager's force majeure-based exceptio liberatoria with respect to the fire accident arising from fan failure due to rainy days. It held that as the fire accident was weather-related, similar weather was a common natural phenomenon, not a force majeure circumstance beyond foresight, avoidance and surmounting. Therefore, all of the insurer's claims were supported in the judgment.

  • Representation of a battery company in Shanghai to guide such company to be fully prepared after a fire accident, providing legal guidance for its insurance claims

The team analyzed the disputed conditions and method for the replacement of hard-burned steel beams and the legal consequences, provided legal support for reconciliation between the parties, and finally helped the battery company obtain compensation.

  • Representation in the life insurance contract dispute between ZhongAn Online P & C Insurance Co., Ltd. and Zhou

Senior lawyers well versed in insuring defended against "anamnesis" and "insuring with illness". Both the insurer and the insured were satisfied with the case closed by mediation.