Media and Entertainment


ZHH provides professional legal services for broad media and entertainment in sectors such as culture, pan-entertainment, film and television investment and financing, Internet advertising, and intellectual property (copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc.).

ZHH has provided long-term legal advice services to many media and entertainment companies, special legal services to many cinema films, TV series, online dramas, online movies, reality shows, and special legal services for the establishment of private equity investment funds.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's media and entertainment team has an elite team of senior partners and professional lawyers. All of them have deep professional backgrounds and rich experience. With a full understanding of the client's transaction purpose, they had deep participation in mediation negotiations, due diligence, design of the transaction structure, drafting and improvement of transaction documents.

ZHH's media and entertainment team partner Hao Hongying even published a number of professional legal books such as the Guidelines for Legal Practice in Private Equity Film and TV Investment Funds, the first to provide legal practice guidelines for media and entertainment. ZHH's media and entertainment department is concentrating on providing clients with professional, rigorous, efficient and honest legal services.


Major Services

  • to provide legal consulting and long-term legal advice services to media and entertainment companies and related institutions
  • to provide media and entertainment companies with legal consulting, transaction negotiations, structure design, tax planning, and issuing full transaction documents for investment and financing, etc.
  • to provide full special legal services for cultural products such as TV series, movies, online dramas, online movies, variety shows, performance brokerage, sports events and concerts
  • to provide legal services related to Internet new media such as online publishing, online audio-visual programs, online cultural products, and Internet advertising
  • to provide legal services related to copyrights, trademarks, franchise rights, reputation rights, portrait rights, and comprehensive intellectual property rights, etc.
  • to provide media and entertainment professionals with related legal consulting and daily legal services
  • to provide full legal services for the raise, investment, management and exit of PEinvestment funds
  • to provide domestic and overseas listed media and entertainment companies with full legal services


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • long-term legal advice services to a top large video technology company

Services included, without limitation, providing daily legal consulting, providing legal advice or legal analysis for major decisions or major emergencies in operations, providing legal advice on the legal control of the internal legal risk system, improving various template contract documents, participating in important programs to organize legal negotiations and meetings, and issuing lawyer's letters and other legal documents as required by the client.


  • long-term legal advice services to a leading media group

Services included, without limitation, providing legal consulting services for film and television projects, improving related contract documents related to investment, and filming, and providing preliminary legal advice and opinions to companies to be listed.


  • Special legal services for the reality show Next Football Starand others broadcast on SDTV

Services included, without limitation, legal consulting related to programs, risk point prompts, and review of related agreements, such as employment agreements for the production team and investment agreements, so as to ensure that programs would be shown on time.


  • Legal services for joint investment in film and television projects including Eternal Wave, For A Few Bullets, Lost in the Pacific, Return To Me, Too Good to be Married, Super Doctor.

Services included, without limitation, drafting or reviewing the investment agreement between the producer and the investor, providing legal support and risk aversion for the smooth shooting of the project.


  • Fullrelated legal services for film and television projects Giant Fish, Siberian, Magic Detective and Elite Troops

Services included, without limitation, crew formation, recruitment of the production team, production, publicity and other related legal consulting and contract drafting, and participation in important decision-making negotiations and internal meetings.