Overseas Investment and M&A


ZHH has endeavored to become an international law firm since its formation. Over 20 years' development, ZHH has accumulated extensive experience in overseas investment and M&A. As a member of LAWorld that directly runs offices in Hong Kong and New York, ZHH maintains close cooperation with law firms located in Europe, North America, ASEAN, Africa, South America, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, China and other regions, having wide international connections and a network of resources. ZHH's strong overseas investment and M&A team can provide a full range of one-stop legal services to domestic companies for their overseas investments and M&As based on its Hong Kong and New York offices, etc. and by working together with offshore law firms.


Lawyer Team

ZHH has an elite team in this sector that consists of a number of partners and lawyers. All of them used to study in the US, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, or Singapore. Many are leading foreign-related lawyers of All-China Lawyers Association that have interned or worked in large law firms in Europe and America. Some are even certified with JD degrees and qualified in New York, New Jersey, California, and Hong Kong, China. With broad international prospectives, familiar with international practices and Chinese and foreign cultures and ways of thinking, and experienced in practices in overseas investment, M&A and offshore funds, they can provide clients with comprehensive, efficient and professional legal services in Chinese, English, German, and Japanese proficiently.


Major Services

  • to help domestic companiesselect suitable overseas lawyers in the target country (region)
  • to assist domestic companies in communicating with overseas lawyers and target companies
  • to assist domestic companies in supervising and managing the work of overseas lawyers in a way to helpachieve their commercial requirements
  • to assist domestic companies in applying for approval, filing and registration to Chinese supervision authorities (including the SASAC, the NDRC, commerce authorities and the SAFE, etc.)
  • to assist overseas lawyers in providing legal advice to domestic companies on the legal and supervisoryenvironment of the target country (region)
  • to assist domestic companies in designing the transaction structures for overseas investment and M&A projects and establishing offshore companies overseas for domestic companiesbased on the determined transaction structure
  • to work together with overseas lawyers to carry out legal due diligence on target companies or target projects
  • to assist in drafting, revising and reviewing transaction documents
  • to assist domestic companies in participating in negotiations and providing advice and solutions in a timely manner on problems encountered in negotiations
  • to work together with overseas lawyers to assist in overseas antitrust review, national security review and other pre-delivery procedures
  • to work together with overseas lawyers to assist in project delivery
  • to provide domestic companies with overseas investment and M&A-related legal consulting


Latest Typical Projects

  • Legal services to Bosai Group for its acquisition of Guyana's Manganese Mine Project atRMB 700 Million

This project, completed in 2016 with a subject amount of over RMB 700 million, was rated by OMINET as one of the top 10 overseas mining M&A projects in 2016. As Bosai Group's Chinese lawyer, ZHH provided full legal services for this project, including conducting legal due diligence with Guyana's local lawyers on assets including the target company's multiple manganese prospecting licenses, geophysical surveying licenses and mining sites and other assets; establishing the transaction structure for this project, such as setting up an independent subsidiary to independently undertake the said target assets in Guyana; drafting, reviewing and modifying trading documents such as the Assets Acquisition Agreement between Bosai Group and Guyana's seller, and assisting Bosai Group in negotiating with the seller; assisting Bosai Group in applying for filing and registration at the competent regulatory authorities, etc.


  • Legal services to a well-known domestic listed company to help it nail down a RMB 500 million real estate project in Manhattan, New York

On May 20, 2017, a well-known domestic listed company finalized a nearly RMB 500 million real estate project to build a China cultural center in Manhattan, New York after a half year's efforts. The parties signed and delivered the property. As a major legal consultant of this project, ZHH interconnected Shanghai Office, Chongqing Office, New York Office and Hong Kong Office, set up a team of Lawyer Zhu Lei (Shanghai Office), Gary (New York Office), Lawyer Yang Qing (Chongqing Office), Lawyer Ray (Practicing in both New York Office and Chongqing Office) and integrated domestic and overseas resources, providing one-stop full services for this project, including but not limited to legal due diligence, establishment of the transaction structure, establishment of an offshore company, drafting and approval of transaction documents, business negotiation, filing of a domestic regulatory agency, building of a capital exit channel, delivery of this project, final ownership registration and other legal services. ZHH's international team was fully recognized by the client for its domestic and foreign legal service capacity and resource integration capacity.


  • ZHH conducted legal due diligence and provided services for the establishment of legal entities for Guangzhou Huya Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and India

Huya is a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In order to expand in ASEAN and South Asian markets, it retained ZHH to provide special legal services for its investments in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and India, including but not limited to conducting due diligence with respect to basic legal markets for gaming live in the invested target countries together with local overseas lawyers. It covered legal restrictions on foreign investment access, the establishment of legal entities and analysis of their advantages and disadvantages, labor, intellectual property, data storage and exit, other legal policy requirements and legal risks to be noted. After such due diligence, ZHH also provided full service for Huya to establish legal entities such as a representative office or limited liability company in the said countries and served as Huya's global legal consultant for Huya's overseas investment. By jointly working with local partners in the invested countries, ZHH conducted risk management for Huya's global investment.