Antitrust and Competition


ZHH is one of the first Chinese law firms dealing with antitrust and competition law. After long-term antitrust practices, ZHH's antitrust and competition law team has gathered rich experience in this sector, established a good brand in the industry, and become an industry leader. As a law firm that grows together with China's antitrust practices, ZHH has been considered as a preferred choice for more and more domestic leading companies and renowned multi-international corporations in terms of antitrust and competition law.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's antitrust and competition law team consists of several partners and lawyers. Among them, there are practical lawyers with rich project experience, official lawyers that have engaged in antitrust and review of concentration of undertakings in government departments, and scholarly lawyers who are employed in universities and other institutions. ZHH's antitrust and competition law lawyers have been providing practical solutions for clients based on their considerable expertise, rich experience, team-based services and good professional ethics, which has been extensively praised and trusted.


Major Services

  • competition law compliance
  • control of concentration of undertakings
  • antitrust investigation
  • antitrust compliance
  • antitrust civil litigation, administrative litigation and administrative reconsideration
  • abuse of market ascendancy


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • Beijing subsidiary of an international large electrical company has retained the team to provide special legal services for claiming infringement of its right of name and unfair competition in the southwest
  • The team serves as the long-term legal consultant ofthe Price Supervision, Inspection and Anti-Monopoly Branch, Chongqing Municipal Commodity Price Bureau

In order to assist the client to legal compliance and risk management, ZHH provides legal services including drafting, legal research and review of laws, regulations and normative documents; attending seminars, hearings and other meetings of the client's complex cases and issuing legal opinions; participating in the client's administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation cases, and assisting the client to issue their legal documents.