ZHH's Intellectual Property Center is responsible for multiple sectors such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, cyber security and anti-unfair competition, etc. Copyrights-related legal services are an important part of ZHH's intellectual property sector. ZHH has long provided many domestic and foreign clients, especially arts, entertainment, media and FMCG clients, with full legal services, to help maximize their business values. With the continuous strengthening and deepening of copyright protection in China, ZHH's copyright sector is also constantly improving. ZHH's copyright team provides high-quality copyrights and related professional services to many domestic and foreign companies, and also works together with ZHH's other teams to provide strong and comprehensive support for copyrights and related legal matters.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's Intellectual Property Center has a number of intellectual property lawyers. Many of them have studied in the U.S., the UK and Japan and worked or interned in large law firms on intellectual property in Europe and America. They can provide customized, systematic legal service plans based on professional considerations to different domestic and foreign clients in line with their requirements for copyrights-related special legal services, in a way to ensure the quality of copyrights-related legal services. With broad international prospectives, familiar with international practices and Chinese and foreign cultures and ways of thinking, and experienced in copyrights-related global commercial practices, they can provide clients with all-round, efficient and professional legal services in Chinese, English, German, and Japanese proficiently.


Major Services

ZHH can provide clients with a comprehensive range of copyrights-related legal services, including the following:

  • copyright registration

including registration of various literary works, art works, and computing software, etc.

  • daily copyright management system construction
  • assisting clients in establishing and improving sound copyright management systems including corporate copyright management systems, statistical systems, trading systems, and infringement response mechanisms.
  • copyright trading

providing legal services to clients' copyright transactions from copyright acquisition, licensing, utilization to revenue, by assisting clients in drafting copyright license/transfer contracts and participating in contract negotiations.

  • copyright infringement

including assisting clients in responding to copyright infringement allegations and taking legal actions against third party infringements.


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • Legal services to China Post Chengdu Branch for its copyright dispute

In the art copyright dispute China Post Chengdu Branch v Sichuan Yifeng Impression Culture Communication Co., Ltd., ZHH was appointed by China Post to cause the infringer to stop infringement and assume liability through litigation, so as to ensure that copyrights of China Post's postcard art works were protected by law.

  • Legal services to Chongqing New Qinyuan Bakery Co., Ltd. for its copyright dispute

ZHH represented in the RMB 60 million copyright infringement dispute between Chongqing New Qinyuan Bakery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Swire Foods, and Chongqing Huashengyuan Food Co., Ltd., providing New Qinyuan with services including assisting the client in conducting market research, completing evidence notarization and preservation, court hearing, and preparing the statement of attorney, etc.


Other Copyright Cases

  • Representation of JIANG Bibo, a famous Chinese artist and sculptor, in the copyright management of his paintings and calligraphy works
  • Representation in series copyright infringement litigation cases between Chongqing Cable TV Network Co., Ltd. and a third-party
  • Representation in the copyright infringement litigation case between TinmanArts and Shanghai AnimationFilm Studio