Labor & Employment


As ZHH's labor lawyers are very familiar with the labor law system and local employment policies, they can set up labor and management rules and compliance system, in a way to reasonably develop employment and dismissal risk management plans, create non-competition and trade secret protection rules and fully assist clients in establishing and improving labor risk prevention measures.

In terms of the mediation, arbitration and litigation of various labor disputes, ZHH has helped Fortune 500 companies and large Chinese companies handle disputes and accumulate rich practical experience in senior-management trade secret disclosure collective wage negotiation, pilot job-hopping, and contractual training. In addition to professional and high-quality services, ZHH can provide clients with value-added follow-up solutions to help companies establish a reasonable and legal compliant HR system.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's Labor Law Research Center has an elite team of over 10 partners and over 20 lawyers. All of them have deep professional backgrounds and rich experience. Many have long provided clients with HR-related legal consulting as consultants and established fully effective communication mechanisms with local competent government departments, arbitration agencies and courts. They not only boast full familiarity with business’ HR management system, but also have rich practical experience to identify dispute issues, legal application and understand the authorities’ judgment standard. They can provide accurate and efficient legal services from the perspective of clients' commercial purposes.


Major Services

  • to draft or review labor contracts or employment contracts
  • to provide professional advice on restructuring, M&A, and reemploymentof employees
  • to design the employeere-employment plan and the economic compensation plan for bankrupt companies
  • to develop and execute bonus plans and stock incentive plans
  • to develop default compensation plans
  • to design social security and welfare plans
  • to design the multinational M&A employee reemployment plan
  • to review the compliance of internal labor rules or the employee handbook
  • to design a company cut plan
  • to participate in collective negotiations and develop collective contracts
  • to design public (contractual) training programs and plans
  • labor dispute arbitration and litigation
  • to prepare and negotiate multinational (group) training contracts
  • to prepare and negotiate labor dispatch contracts


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • long-term legal advice services to Chongqing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

In order to thoroughly implement the decision-making arrangements of the Central Party Committee and Chongqing Municipal Party Committee on Rule by Law, Chongqing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, a department of Chongqing to execute municipal human resources and social security laws, regulations, rules, guidelines and policies, draft and execute local laws and regulations, and manage human resources and social security in Chongqing, appointed ZHH law firm to offer long-term legal advice services, so as to provide strong legal guarantee for major decisions, administrative enforcement, and management of regulatory documents, and improve administration by law. During the years of long-term legal advice services, ZHH's lawyers have been well received for their professionalism.


  • Labor-related long-term legal advice services to Chang'anFord and Jinke Holdings

Chang'an Ford and Jinke Holdings are leaders in their respective industries. Their human resource management is characterized by group orientation, elaboration and complexity, etc. In order to achieve standardized management of human resources and better serve their business development, Chang'an Ford, Jinke Holdings and other large state-owned or private companies regularly hired ZHH's lawyers to provide labor-related legal advice services. ZHH lawyers were fully recognized by clients for their professional competence in human resources.


  • Special legal advice services to Advance.AI, Chongqing Bestar Bonded Logistics Co., Ltd., and other clients for democratic institution construction and management systemcompilation

A basic code of conduct ensuring employees' rights to work and fulfill their labor obligations is of great importance for a company’s management. The effective formulation of a basic code of conduct also relates to the establishment of a democratic mechanism and the legal execution of democratic procedures in a company. In order to standardize labor employment by law, a number of companies have retained ZHH's lawyers to conduct a comprehensive analysis and due diligence so as to tailor rules in accordance with the needs of the company, set up a complete democratic mechanism, guide and fix relevant evidence materials, which lays a solid foundation for management and legal risk prevention.


  • Representation in class actions including labor disputes between Chongqing Airlines and several pilots and labor disputes between Chongqing Automobile Transportation Group and several taxi drivers

Since 2008, ZHH's lawyers have represented in class action from labor disputes, which are characterized by many participants, large litigation targets, great social influence, and complex legal relations. During the representation, ZHH lawyers have been well acclaimed by clients for their comprehensive research and judgment for facts and legal issues.