Finance Lease


As one of the first law firms dealing with bank financing and debt trading, ZHH has provided extensive and in-depth legal services to many banks and financial institutions and accumulated rich practical experience in the process. ZHH's lawyers lead the industry in terms of legal services for the financial sector including asset finance, commercial loans and structured finance, which have been favored by the industry. We provide legal services to fund-raisers, lessors and lessees on behalf of many international and domestic banks and financial institutions, various leasing companies, airlines, and equipment manufacturers. In many years' practices, ZHH has established close and good relations with leasing associations, tax authorities in charge of leasing transactions, leasehold assessors, leasing insurers and other institutions, to ensure a full range of legal services and value-added services for clients.


Lawyer Team

Our finance lease team consists of several partners and more than 10 senior lawyers. All of them have received education and/or training at prestigious universities and had many years' experience in lease and asset finance. Their extensive experience can help clients creatively solve various finance lease issues. We are familiar with the structure, characteristics and advantages of asset finance and leasing transactions, requirements and practices of various clients, risks of all parties involved and what they care about, and can design innovative trading structures as required by clients and as per domestic and foreign legal and tax policy environments.


Major Services

  • general finance lease compliance consulting
  • leasehold, lessor and lessee due diligence
  • finance lease transaction structure and guarantee structure design
  • drafting, review and negotiation of finance lease-related legal documents
  • finance lease trading-related financing (bank loans, factoring, trust financing, and asset securitization)
  • leasehold delivery and financing delivery arrangements
  • finance lease dispute litigation services


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • Legal services to a finance lease company for confirming claims

From 2015 to 2016, ZHH assisted a finance lease company in debt confirming claims through mediation, communicated and assisted in determining collateral division and evaluation issues during execution, coordinated on the priority of project payments involved in collateral disposal, finally assisted it in the effective disposal of leaseholds and collateral, and recovered tens of millions of RMB arrears for the finance lease company, to the maximum extent to help it enforce the judgment and protect its legitimate interests. ZHH's finance lease team was fully recognized by the client based on its professional competence.

  • Legal services to a finance lease company for debt confirming claims

From 2017 to 2018, ZHH assisted a finance lease company in debt confirming claims through litigation. As the lessee went into bankruptcy, ZHH assisted it in successfully reporting claims, coordinated and communicated with the bankruptcy administrator and other creditors, and promoted the lessee's reorganization plan to be passed, so as to ensure the finance lease company could obtain liquidation in execution and reorganization, realize claims in the shortest time, and maximize its legitimate interests.

  • Long-term legal advice services tosome finance lease companies

ZHH has long served as the long-term legal consultant of many finance lease companies, providing legal services such as routine legal advice, drafting and review of finance lease-related legal documents, lawyer witness, and participation in business negotiations, transaction structure and guarantee structure design. Meanwhile, it regularly transmits the latest legal information, provides professional training for their employees and legal employees, and invites such finance lease companies to attend industry conferences and open training on legal affairs. ZHH's finance lease team has been well received by clients based on its dedication to work and solid professional competence.