ZHH aims to build China's first-class international business law firm. Finance has always been a key sector of ZHH. Based on its strong finance team and rich experience in related legal services, ZHH insists on customizing asset-backed services for clients and working with clients to develop innovation, with a focus on asset securitization.


Lawyer Team

ZHH's asset securitization team is known for its advanced service and innovative thinking. All of its team members have graduated from top domestic and foreign law schools, some international lawyers with JDs and overseas education backgrounds. ZHH's lawyers can customize legal solutions to asset securitization for clients in line with their business needs based on their familiarity of corporate and finance-related laws, regulations, rules and systems and the rules for business operation.


Major Services

We provide the following services for structured finance including credit asset securitization, enterprise asset securitization, insurance asset support plan and non-financial company asset-backed notes:

  • due diligence
  • asset securitization plan design
  • risk prevention for asset securitization projects
  • assistance in recognizing underlying assets and building asset pools
  • asset securitization transaction structure and SPV construction
  • assistance in applying for various government approvals licenses, and registration procedures
  • production of legal opinions
  • product termination and liquidation-related legal services