Belt and Road Initiative


Under the background of global economic integration and the Belt and Road Initiative, growing Chinese enterprises are accelerating the pace of overseas investments and M&As. ZHH keeps pace with the times and actively provides legal services to Chinese companies, especially western companies that deal with investments and M&As in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Africa. Today, investments and financing and cross-border M&As-related legal services in countries and regions along the Belt and Road have become one of ZHH's most important core sectors. With good communication mechanisms and communication channels with the business investment management departments of many developing countries along the Belt and Road, ZHH can help clients visit the competent investment authorities of the host country, coordinate with large industrial groups or investment projects of the host country, and assist Chinese companies to find valuable investment targets through investigations and research. Besides, ZHH has maintained long-term connections and cooperation with large law firms, investment consulting institutions, and financial institutions in various countries and regions along the Belt and Road, and can fully know about the latest updated information on investment projects. As required by clients, ZHH recommends investment project opportunities and works together to promote the overseas investments of Chinese companies.


Lawyer Team

ZHH has an elite team of more than 30 foreign-related partners and lawyers. In sectors related to the Belt and Road, they provide comprehensive assistance to Chinese companies for their overseas development, covering risk control-related professional legal services for this project including legal due diligence, investment structure design in China and the host country, and transaction contract compliance and negotiation. They also extend services to the front end of clients' business requirements. Based on the multi-national study background and experience in foreign-related legal services of team members and familiarity with the soft power of business and cultural backgrounds in countries and regions along the Belt and Road, they can provide professional legal services to clients in English, German and Japanese, in a way to win the long-lasting favor of clients.


Major Services

  • to help domestic companies select suitable overseas lawyers in the target country (region)
  • to assist domestic companies incommunicating with overseas lawyers and target companies
  • to assist domestic companies in supervising and managing the work of overseas lawyers in a way to help achieve their commercial requirements
  • to assist domestic companies in applying for approval, filing and registration at Chinese supervision authorities (including the SASAC, the NDRC, commerce authorities and the SAFE, etc.)
  • to assist overseas lawyers in providing legal advice to domestic companies on the legal and supervisory environment of the target country (region)
  • to assist domestic companies in designing the transaction structures for overseas investment and M&A projects and establishing offshore companies overseas for domestic companies
  • to work together with overseas lawyers to carry out legal due diligence on target companies or target projects
  • to assist in drafting, revising and reviewing transaction documents
  • to assist domestic companies in participating in negotiations and providing advice and solutions in a timely manner on problems encountered in negotiations
  • to work together with overseas lawyers to assist in overseas antitrust review, national security review and other pre-delivery procedures
  • to work together with overseas lawyers to assist in project delivery
  • to provide domestic companies with overseas investment and M&A-related legal consulting


Latest Typical Projects/Cases

  • Special legal services to YUXINOU(Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd. established between Chongqing Transportation Group and Russian Railways, Kazakhstan Railways, German Railways and China Railways

Appointed by Chongqing Transportation Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. to work together with China Railway International Multimodal Transportation Co., Ltd. and subsidiaries of Russian Railways, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and Deutsche Bahn to form YUXINOU (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd. (YUXINOU), a joint venture in which 5 shareholders from the said 4 countries own shares. It is China's first Belt and Road project. President Xi Jinping visited the European terminal of this project in Duisburg, Germany.


  • Special legal services to Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd. for legal investment environment projects in Thailand, Bangladesh and Ethiopia

Appointed by Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd. to conduct legal environment due diligence on the investment and trade laws and regulations of Thailand, Bangladesh and Ethiopia, learned a lot of valuable information through online inquiries, visit to local authorities, and visit to lawyers, accounting firms and other professional institutions, and provided 3 Due Diligence Reports on the Legal Investment Environment as required by clients, with efforts to provide strong legal support for the Belt and Road development.


  • Eurasia Land Bridge-related legal affairs for YUXINOU(Chongqing) Logistics Co., 

Such legal affairs fell under six different jurisdictions, with legal relations subject to adjustment by two different international treaties: SMGS and CIM. In the course of services, Lawyer Zhang Zhaohui's team solved various legal problems based on its familiarity with and application of the two treaties and the laws of the countries along the Belt and Road.


  • Special legal services to Yakebo for its optical fiber EPC turnkey project in Israel

In this project, ZHH's lawyer team negotiated with the Israeli side several times, designed a series of contracts to cover all details to match the EPC structure by agreement control, to the extent to achieve the project's commercial purpose and help the client gain legitimate tax incentives.