ZHH advises Huya on its establishment of legal entities in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and India

Date:2019/07/02 Views:874

Huya is a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In order to expand its ASEAN and South Asian markets, ZHH provided special legal services for its investments in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and India, including but not limited to conducting due diligence with respect to basic legal markets for gaming live in the invested target countries together with local overseas lawyers. It covered legal restrictions on foreign investment access, establishment of legal entities and analysis of their advantages and disadvantages, labor, intellectual property, data storage and exit, other legal policy requirements and legal risks to be noted. After such due diligence, ZHH also provided full service for Huya to establish legal entities such as a representative office or limited liability company in the said countries, and served as Huya's global legal consultant for Huya's overseas investment. By jointly working with local partners in the invested countries, ZHH controlled legal risks for Huya's global investment.


This project was led by Partner YANG Qing’s team.