ZHH advises Bosai Group on its RMB 700 million acquisition of Guyana's manganese mine project

Date:2019/07/02 Views:771

This project, completed in 2016 with a trading amount of over RMB 700 million, was rated by OMINET as one of the top 10 overseas mining M&A projects in 2016.

As Bosai Group's Chinese lawyer, ZHH provided full legal services for this project, including conducting legal due diligence with Guyana's local lawyers on assets including the target company's multiple manganese prospecting licenses, geophysical surveying licenses and mining sites; establishing the transaction structure for this project, such as setting up an independent subsidiary to independently undertake the said target assets in Guyana; drafting, reviewing and modifying trading documents such as the Assets Acquisition Agreement between Bosai Group and Guyana's seller, and assisting Bosai Group in negotiating with the seller; assisting Bosai Group in applying for filing and registration at the competent regulatory authorities.


This project was led by Partner Yang Qing and handled by Consultant Lawyer Lv Ruixin.